The Concept
A) Multimedia designed 
1) Multimedia Flash Card system
a) Speed & consistency
Young children are more easily apprehended by the right hemisphere of the brain, whereby the learning is unconscious and effortless
b) Pronunciation 
The pronunciation is perfectly clear and exact each and every time the same card is flipped. This will give a long term impact to young children in pronouncing proper and accurate Mandarin.
c) Large image: more impact 
When the eyes probe a larger image, the activating is heightened in more areas of the young children’s think area / working memory.
2) Multimedia as leaning stimulus
Young children nowadays are more easily engaged to learn by using multimedia. We follow the trend!

B) Neurosciences (how the brain remember)
Human brain is constantly search for meaning and seeking patterns and connections. When knowledge is organized as a pattern, it is easier to retrieve. Our interdisciplinary curriculum reinforces brain-based learning because the brain can make better connections when material is presented in an integrated way. 
Brian Bees Mandarin Interdisciplinary curriculum
Emotions are critical to patterning and drive children’s attention, meaning and memory. Thus, we provide an enriched environment with fun activities to engage the children in learning the language. The more attention the brain pays under positive emotion, the more elaborately the information will be encoded, and retained. Better attention always drives better learning and performance

C) Cognitive science (how children learn)
The curriculum is designed for children based on patterning local contexts which is meaningful and personally enriching. We select that words that are familiar to your child – words in his environment, words that you use often, e.g. people’s names, objects around the house, common everyday vocabulary. This can help the children to make better connection and understanding.

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