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Babies are born with over a 100 billion brain cell. Thus, their brain will grow at it's fastest until they are about three years old. At this period of development, they could learn things with least effort.

Flash card slideshows are PowerPoint files that collect the flash cards printouts, which you can playback to your children on your computer. In this step, your children will learn and familiar with the new words as well as their pronunciations through the cards flashing process. Rapid flashing activates both left and right brain to receive the new knowledge as well as to arouse your children interest to finish the whole learning session.

Rapid flashing of pictures will then evoke your children memory of the words they learned and allow them to connect words, pictures, and voice over. By doing this, your children’s memory will be boosted even better.

So, what are you waiting for? Just click on any of the links below and experience the endlessly surprises on the rapid brain development of your children!
NOTES: For best result, play the WORDS' slideshows first, followed by PICTURES' slideshows in the same category. For example, play the "Animals' words" first, followed by "Animals' pictures".
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